Saturday, January 24, 2009

Welcome to our probably irregular but surely seasonal farm news and musings! I posted a photo of the cherry trees in bloom as now in the dead of winter we are looking forward to spring! The almond trees are the first to bloom in the end of February. We have a few of our own bee hives for pollination but this year (as well as last) we are using hives from our friends at Diggin Livin Apiaries in SW Oregon. They are actually over-wintering their hives in our cherry orchard this year so on any warm winter day I can walk into the orchard and watch them take off, land, and greet each other at the doorway. I can smell the sweetness.

Right now we are harvesting citrus. A little later this year than last. Page Mandarins (my favorites!), satsumas, Cara Cara oranges (they are just about ready), Pomelos (just in time for Chinese New Years), blood oranges, Meyer lemons. A marmalade dream! This year I am planning some new combinations: Blood Orange & Pomelo Marmalade, Spiced Page Mandarins, candied Pomelo peels and, a real experiment, Wild Bitter Orange Marmalade - made with the wild oranges from the pollinators. John knows the name but he's not here right now. 

It's raining at the moment and has been all night. A little too warm for this time of year but Cindy Lashbrook told me that we have had enough chill hours. I hope so.